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Uncomplicated operation, reliable performance, and simple design have made the EDISON HLM indispensable to structural testing technology for many years. The EDISON Hydraulic Load Maintainer Model 10A provides ten independent channels of hydraulic fluid control for accurate and versatile structural testing.
Quick Set-up

Accurate Reliable Versatile

Any pressure 0 - 5000 psi
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Aerospace and Civil Engineering Applications

Standard Features
Ten pressure channels, each with independent modulation and pressure indication
Any combination of psig ranges from 0 to: 500, 1000, 2500, 3000, or 5000
Quick-Dump or Last-Pressure-Hold abort modes on power failure or external switch actuation
Excellent accuracy, linearity, and repeatability
Quick-change valve cartridges for easy pressure range selection
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Testing Applications from the Space Shuttle to Experimental Bridge Structures
Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Missile structures and components
Bridges and other civil structures
Offshore drilling platform structures
Hydrostatic proof tests of hydraulic components and assemblies
Critical electrical conduit systems
Nuclear reactor vessels and piping systems
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The firms and laboratories that use EDISON Hydraulic Load Maintainers are all leaders in structural testing for critical applications. Some of the completed projects that used EDISON HLMs include: the B-1B Bomber, the Gamma Ray Observatory Satellite, the Trident Missile, the Space Shuttle, and the F-20 Fighter Plane.
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